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Well-being of strays depend on your kindness.
All life is equal and deserves compassion

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Dog Welfare Mission

Providing access to food, water, healthcare, a safe environment, and sterlization drives to reduce the suffering.

Cat Welfare Mission

Our members from various societies across the city are engaged in actively befriending, feeding, conducting sterilisation drives.

Farm Animal Welfare Mission

Once they stop producing milk, they are left to stray on the streets to eat garbage and plastic in their final days, or worse, sent for culling.

Animals Need You

Shashwat foundation is a member-driven animal welfare NGO that rescues and feeds thousands of animals in Pune area every month. Join us and become a saviour for the needy animals.

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Feed, rescue, provide medical treatment

Our closely nit group of members and volunteers feed, rescue, provide medical treatment and look after the well-being of thousands of dogs, cats, cows and animals of all type every year.

Just One Meal

All it takes is one meal for a community dog, cat or any animal to fall in love with you. All we want is to increase this love and reciprocate our love back to these innocent animals. 

Donation-run organization

We are a donation-run organization where we pay for the medical treatment of all the rescue cases, apart from several other expenses we incurr on a daily basis.

Spread kindness

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WhatsApp Us on +91-866-8524-403 or simply click on become a saviour

Shashwat Foundation
( Society/Trust Regn no. F-58780 under Bombay Public Trusts Act 1950)

80 G Applicable

We are an NGO whose credo is “United Against Cruelty to Animals”.
We are a diverse group of animal lovers drawn from diverse socio-economic strata of society, ages, genders, and professions but who are passionate and committed to our one common goal –
To make life easier, healthier, and happier for the street animals of Pune.
Our volunteers actively participate in the Animal Birth Control drives conducted by PMC.
Rescue, Rehabilitation, Vaccination, Feeding, and sensitizing of the public to coexist peacefully with other beings like animals.

We have ambitious plans to meet our above-stated objectives and seek support from animal lovers and from all who believe that every being has the right to peacefully coexist with others.


Please donate to the cause of the voiceless who need us

Our details are as follows

Bank Account:
Shashwat Foundation
A/C no.: 499802010323205
Union Bank of India
Hadapsar Branch
IFSC Code : UBIN0549983

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Success Stories

Because of help from people just like you, we are able to provide timely care to these beautiful souls.

What we know as Shashwat Foundation today started from scratch as a small group that worked tirelessly for getting the stray dogs of Pune sterilized through PMC under the ABC program.

In time- more and more volunteers started joining and we expanded our drives to other parts of Pune with the aim of getting maximum dogs sterilized.

We started counselling people about the importance and benefits of Animal Birth Control and that if we wanted to help the animals- the first step towards It was to get the dogs neutered

Neutering the dogs is done free through PMC So we make all attempts at targeting as many numbers of dogs as we can for the birth control surgery.

It went on smoothly and we are indebted to PMC- Blue Cross and Universal Animal Welfare Society and CCC for their support without which this would not have been possible.

We did not engage in any RESCUES at that time.

But last year, Rehan our team member, reported one case of a stray run-over by a speeding train on the Hadapsar Railway tracks.

we pooled in our bit and the baby was sent to Universal for treatment – And our Rescue Mission Started.

In the initial phase-we would pitch in our contributions case-wise. But eventually, cases started pouring in and we started our monthly fund collection.

As of date, we are picking up cases from all over Pune. Our volunteers report any case that they feel needs medical help and all efforts are made to ensure that the sick animal gets the required treatment.

However, we need help, and you can help us, and the animals that need you by providing your time or you can fund the treatments with any amount possible.

RESCUES aren’t easy. It requires planning, catching, logistics, medical expenses, post-treatment care and release.

Please do support the helpless animals. They cannot speak for themselves and They need you. 

Let us stand in solidarity towards their welfare, because they have no one but you.

Thank you

Asha Ambekar
Founder Shashwat Foundation
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WhatsApp Us on +91-866-8524-403 

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